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Companies to check every package mailed

By Cao yin  (China Daily)

08:12, March 01, 2012

BEIJING - The Beijing postal authority has ordered express delivery workers to stamp their names or job numbers on waybills and denied saying that clients are required to provide real names when sending or receiving packages.

Every staff member in the delivery industry must open packages to check what clients send or receive and seal their names or job numbers on express bills starting March 1, Wang Wentai, director of market supervision department from Beijing municipal postal administration, told China Daily on Wednesday.

For clients who decline to open the package for inspection, express delivery staff can refuse to send their packages, according to the State Post Bureau.

"The authority used to ask staff to do the open inspection and write the requirement into a regulation, but it has not been well enforced," Wang said, adding such ignorance had brought danger to both workers and society.

In August, a package exploded in an express delivery station in Hangzhou, capital of the East China's Zhejiang province. Two workers were injured. Earlier in February this year, a similar tragedy happened in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, injuring a resident's eyes.

"The cases shocked the industry and also warned us to attach more importance to security," he said. "To avoid further accidents, we ask the delivery people in the city to clear their responsibility through signing names or job numbers."

Meanwhile, Wang denied the real-name system that has been widely reported online.

"What we have required is to do the open inspection, which is different from delivery with real identification," he said, adding the real-name policy is an experiment by some individual companies in some specific regions instead of a nationwide mandatory requirement.

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