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City targets tiny airborne particles

By Cai Wenjun   (Shanghai Daily)

09:31, February 29, 2012

Exhaust from motor vehicles and boats are the biggest source of local PM2.5 emissions, accounting for one-fourth of fine particles in the city's air, the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau said yesterday.

The bureau released an analytical report on the source of PM2.5 and future measures it will take to help work out solutions to air-quality problems such as haze.

Another major component of the exhaust problem is the spreading of sandstorms from northern China, which account for 20 percent of Shanghai's PM2.5 measurement.

PM2.5 also comes from a variety of local sources, including industrial procedures like chemical factories, industrial sprays, industrial boilers, power plants and flying dirt from construction sites, roads and stocking yards.

Residences contribute with kitchen smoke, laundry and painting, as do agricultural practices like straw burning, fertilizer use and livestock farming.

Shanghai will spend 10.3 billion yuan (US$1.63 billion) on 53 projects targeting air pollution, especially for PM2.5 control, in the next three years. It plans to begin publicly reporting the stricter PM2.5 measuring gauge, which monitors the smallest particles - 2.5 microns or less in diameter - in June.

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