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Outrage over club for hunters to kill abroad

By  Xu Chi   (Shanghai Daily)

09:23, February 29, 2012

A club whose members, rich Chinese, travel abroad to shoot wild animals, has sparked outrage after reports it was planning a trip to Canada to shoot black bears or polar bears using rifles or bows and arrows.

The "I Love Hunting Club" is offering the trips at 500,000 yuan (US$79,377) per person.

Animal lovers across the country took to the Internet to condemn the club and its customers for damaging the environment and killing innocent animals for money.

The club, established by an American in 2007, says it provides "high-end and legal hunting services" for Chinese people. Members have to purchase hunting permits from foreign country governments to be allowed to hunt specific species in hunting grounds, according to club officials.

On the club's website, a hunting trip to Africa or North America costs from 60,000 to 500,000 yuan to cover travel, accommodation, hunting permits and other services.

So far about 100 Chinese people, mostly rich businessmen, have taken part in the club's hunting trips, and numbers are still increasing as hunting wild animals is becoming popular, a club official said.

But the scheme has caused huge waves of revulsion among animal lovers.

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Tracker at 2012-03-02122.107.107.*
@elee, hahaha, you are so those lousy "Animal Killing" biz Americans will walk away laughing to their banks then buy "Made in China" and the money comes back plus more given the trade imbalance between China and the USA. Business is business :-)
Tracker at 2012-03-02122.107.107.*
@ASEAN, I don"t think you have any concept of hunting or shooting so we shall agree to disagree :-) I agree with you that Chinese are easy to get along with but I am not sure about I am also a regular reader of TOI (Times of India) and the fundamental difference between Chinese and Indians are Chinese put China first and India puts their regional area (and at times City) first which creates arguments between the provinces for either religious, racial or caste reasons. China is also very tolerant of foreigners, Indians are not as tolerant. I always feel at home in China though I am not Chinese. Just my 2 cents worth from experience :-)
elee at 2012-03-02183.39.47.*
@Tracker being so supportive of "Animal Killers" could well be that American or compatriot hiding inside China doing the "Animal Killing Abroad" biz to eventually trap foolish rich Chinese who are willing to spend heaps to see & feel new bloods as if eating "anything with no leg, 2 legs or four or 6 or millions facing the Sun" is not enough to satisfy their thirsts and stomachs! CPC ought to call it ‘illegal biz’ and all such ads must be banned too whether online or not. The eventual disgrace and shame will fall back on all Chinese people, not just Chinese mainlanders in the same way that wealthy Chinese or any were/are being called or chided as “drug traffickers” whenever any ugly argument surfaces; whereas this bunch of lousy “Animal Killing” biz Americans will walk away laughing to their banks. How really stupid & foolish can this bunch of “Animal Killing” rich Chinese folks be? No word to describe!!
ASEAN at 2012-03-02220.255.2.*
@Tracker, please read me comments carefully. I said " These rich Chinese ....... By the way, haven"t these stupid, idiot and rich Chinese heard ......... ", what I am referring are those group of rich Chinese who got money and spend 500,000 yuan trip to kill animals abroad. I am not referring to rich Chinese in general. Personally I had met many rich Chinese who are also rich in characters, very sharp, kind, helpful, humble and compassionate. Actually to me, I had met people from many countries and I personally would rate the Chinese and Indian highly as one easy people to get along with. They are really gentlemen and they honour what they said. They are a beautiful breed.
Tracker at 2012-03-01122.107.107.*
@ASEAN, if someone doesn"t cull these animals then they encroach on populated areas and kill children. As for rich Chinese being stupid.. stupidity does not make you rich my friend. In my business I deal with some very very rich Chinese and they do contribute a lot to help the needy, far more than a 500k yuan hunting trip. @elee, Men are hunters by nature and controlled licensed hunting with enforced kill limits may not appeal to some women and also some men who have lost their hunting instinct but some of us still like it. Forgive us for being By the way, I think you are in Guangdong and there is an old Chinese saying that Cantonese (广东人) will eat anything with 4 legs except for a table and anything that flies (with wings) except for an air-plane and you complain about some Chinese men shooting animals and eating them ?.. that is so

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