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Operation gives boy hope

By Liu Xiangrui  (China Daily)

09:09, February 29, 2012

Thirteen-year-old Wan Chenchen feeds an orange to his grandmother Yang Debi, his only family member, at a hospital in Chongqing on Feb 22, as he prepares for an operation to remove an extra finger on his hand the next morning. (Jin Ji / for China Daily)

CHONGQING - "One bottle for five cents, 100 for five yuan, 1,000 for 50 yuan..."

Grade 5 student Wan Chenchen had been doing the same math for two years.

Earning about 300 yuan ($48) from the thousands of waste plastic bottles he picked up during off-school hours, Wan had no idea how long it would take to collect enough for an operation to remove a sixth finger on his right hand.

However, after Wan's case was picked up by local media in Chongqing, so many people reached out to help that he was able to realize his dream even earlier.

After a two-hour operation on Thursday, doctors successfully removed Wan's extra finger and repaired his right thumb, which couldn't function normally to write or handle chopsticks.

"The cut is unnoticeable. His right hand looks perfectly all right now," said Qiu Lin, Wan's surgeon at the Chongqing Children's Hospital. They'll remove the steel needles in his thumb in a month, and it will be able to bend 80 degrees after rehabilitation, he added.

Wan spent all his savings, about 400 yuan, on the surgery that cost about 6,000 yuan. The rest was funded by Chong-qing Municipal Commission of Communist Youth League and a foundation set up by the hospital.

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