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Shaky crossings to get updated

By Li Yingqing, An Baijie and Guo Anfei  (China Daily)

09:49, February 28, 2012

On his way to a patient's home last year, Deng Qiandui, a doctor, gets across the Nujiang River by moving on a ropeway in Lamadi village of the Nujiang Lisu autonomous prefecture in Yunnan province. Within the next three years, all 42 ropeways across the three main rivers in the prefecture will be replaced or reconstructed, local government officials said. (Qin Qing / Xinhua)

KUNMING - People in the remote border regions of Yunnan province are to say goodbye to one of their traditional but more hazardous methods of travel.

Within the next three years, the government plans to replace or reconstruct all 42 ropeways across the three main rivers - the Jinsha (the upstream of the Yangtze River), Nujiang and Lancang - in the Nujiang Lisu autonomous prefecture of the southwest province.

Yang Guangcheng, director of the Yunnan provincial department of transport, said during a conference in mid-February that the government plans to invest 196.23 million yuan ($31.13 million) on the project.

A total of 36 ropeways will be demolished and replaced by 13 steel-cement bridges, and six will be preserved as tourist attractions relating to traditional-culture, Yang said.

The local government also aims to build more roads to connect the scattered villages in the prefecture, inhabited by ethnic groups.

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