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It's going to get warmer, but no let up in grey days

By Ni Yinbin   (Shanghai Daily)

09:28, February 27, 2012

Shanghai is set to warm up this week, following a chilly weekend, weather forecasters said yesterday.

However, it will continue to be overcast, according to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

With the fading of the cold snap, a warm and wet air current from the south should strengthen again and the city's sky is likely to be dominated by thick cloud, despite a short period of sunshine yesterday afternoon.

During the week, Shanghai's temperatures should gradually climb, reaching 11 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

Cloud and some rain is forecast for today, with temperatures ranging from a low of 2 degrees to a high of 7.

Tomorrow should be overcast with rain and the high should climb to 7 degrees, forecasters said.

A little sunshine brightened the city for a few hours yesterday afternoon, but was the only sunshine Shanghai had seen in a week.

The grey, wet conditions should last for at least another five days, according to forecasters.

The bureau said Shanghai's sunshine this month was below average for the time of year.

"Warm, wet currents from the south have been active," said Zhang Ruiyi, a chief service officer of the bureau.

Zhang said that similar prolonged periods of overcast weather occurred in 2005 and 2009.

This month has also seen lower than average temperatures and higher than average rainfall, Zhang said.

By Saturday, the average temperature this month was 4.8 degrees, while the average for a February is 6.2 degrees.

Precipitation this month has reached 80 millimeters, while the average is 62.1 millimeters, said the bureau.


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