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Paralyzed dog wheeling through life

By Guo Nei (China Daily)

12:42, February 25, 2012

Wheelchair-bound Sansan, dubbed Dog the Strong, is a star in his Chongqing community. (Photo by Ran Wen / for China Daily)

CHONGQING - Sansan really enjoys wheeling around the neighborhood.

And residents get a kick out of watching Sansan as well.

The 17-month-old dog, who was badly injured by a car, now gets around in a canine version of a wheelchair.

"Humans use wheelchairs when they get paralyzed, so a paralyzed pet can have a wheelchair, too," said Zeng Yin, who adopted the dog in August when she found him lying -healthy at the time - in front of her wine shop.

Zeng said she made the sudden decision to raise the stray because it resembled a dog she had for 17 years.

Only weeks after she began caring for the dog, however, he was hit by a speeding black SUV as he crossed the road. The vehicle didn't stop.

Zeng rushed the dog to a pet hospital and during treatment she decided to name the dog Sansan because that was the name of her previous dog.

She hoped the name could bless the new one and help him survive and live long.

Zeng later transferred Sansan to other pet hospitals, where doctors suggested him be put down, but Zeng refused.

Miraculously Sansan survived, but lost any feeling from the pelvis to hind legs.

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