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Airline blacklists backed by public

By Yang Jian (Shanghai Daily)

09:55, February 24, 2012

Recent clashes between passengers and flight crews have pushed the domestic carriers' blacklist system into the spotlight again.

Although passengers overwhelmingly support the practice for the sake of public safety, lawyers and consumer-rights activists say the blacklist system violates the law and damages the dignity of passengers.

After a passenger injured a crew member of a China Southern Airlines flight last week, an online poll showed that 95 percent of people supported domestic airlines' practice of blacklisting misbehaved passengers who injured crew members or caused flight delays.

They agreed the list could deter those who want to pick a quarrel with crew members and ensure flight safety.

Most of the few against the blacklist said it would infringe the rights of consumers, according to the online poll launched by a flight service provider called Veryzhun yesterday.

Others said it would be useless and that airlines should improve services to avoid clashes between passengers and crew members.

A passenger beat a China Southern attendant last Friday after he failed to get the magazine he wanted.

Airport police asked the man to compensate the hostess, whose eye was left bleeding, 600 yuan (US$95).

In another case, a Shanghai couple was forced to get off a United Airlines flight from Guam to Shanghai before takeoff after the husband told one of the attendants to "shut up" on February 1.

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What us wrong with this country????Why are people turning into animals?Where is the famed Chinese culture in this or are we seeing the truth nowadays?

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