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S China city to add more toilets for women


16:53, February 22, 2012

The city of Guangzhou in South China is trying to legislate the expansion of ladies' rooms, Nanfang Daily reported Wednesday.

The Guangzhou Municipal Commission of City Administration is promoting a public toilet regulation, including making the proportion of women's and men's toilets no less than 1.5:1, to cut women's waiting times for using public toilets, the paper said.

On Feb 19, some female students staged an "Occupy Men's Toilet" movement at a public toilet in Guangzhou, calling on the government to provide more public toilet cubicles for women.

The volunteers held banners reading, "More convenience for women, more gender equality," and some occupied vacant cubicles in men's toilets to let women waiting outside have priority use of the facilities.

The city has 2,700 public toilets, 153 more than in 2008, the paper said.


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