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Bear bile maker, under fire, opens farm to reporters


16:09, February 22, 2012

FUZHOU, Feb. 22 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese pharmaceutical company Wednesday morning allowed more than 100 reporters to visit a farm where it breeds bears for their bile, amid protests from the public and animal welfare activists.

At the bear farm of Guizhentang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., based in the eastern province of Fujian, a Xinhua reporter saw about 60 bears roaming outdoors

A farm worker said more than 600 bears were kept in the farm, with some in the open and others in concrete bungalows covered with wire netting.

The reporter was also allowed to witness the bile extraction process.

A practitioner disinfected the surgical cut in the bear's abdomen, which was confined in a small cage. Then, he inserted an 8-centimeter-long fine tube into the cut, and about 100 milliliters of bile flowed out. Finally, he removed the tube and disinfected the cut again.

The whole process lasted about 30 seconds, during which the bear was consuming liquid food and remained quiet.

The reporter noticed that there were more than 100 cages in the farm used to conduct the operation.

Guizhentang has been under fire for a couple of weeks after it was found to have resumed a plan to go public to expand bile production.

For nearly 3,000 years, bear bile has been used as an ingredient in traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) to cure eye and liver ailments.

While members of the public and animal welfare advocates have called for eliminating bear bile extraction, some TCM experts defended the industry, citing the "irreplaceable" medical value of bear bile.


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chinese from singapore at 2012-02-23218.186.15.*
There is nothing wrong with extracting bear bile.The animal rights activists should stop eating meat since they cares so much for animals and in fact the animal rights activists should also stop eating plants since plants are also living things.When the europeans and westerners were doing scientific research on animals in the past few hundred years nobody complained.Now that china is doing research on animals the westerners complain but the real reason is that they want to contain China and prevent china from learning and doing research .

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