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Nanjing fury over Japanese mayor

By Staff Reporter  (Shanghai Daily)

09:23, February 22, 2012

The director of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall published a protest letter yesterday, blasting the mayor of Nagoya, Japan, who denied the horrific acts of crimes perpetrated by the invading Japanese army in 1937 when meeting with a Nanjing delegation on Monday.

Zhu Chengshan strongly condemned Kawamura Takashi, saying "it is utterly shocking" to hear a descendant of the Japanese invaders deny the atrocities of the Nanjing Massacre blamed for the deaths of 300,000 Chinese people.

The Nanjing city government announced later yesterday that it will suspend inter-government contacts with Nagoya, the Xinhua news agency reported.

"The historical facts of the Nanjing Massacre have been solidly proven. The claim by Kawamura is extremely irresponsible," said a statement issued by Nanjing's information office.

Japanese troops occupied Nanjing on December 13, 1937, and launched a six-week orgy of raping, looting, arson and killing.

When meeting a Nanjing delegation on Monday, Kawamura denied that the Nanjing Massacre ever happened. Liu Zhiwei, a senior Party official in charge of legal affairs of Nanjing who was present, didn't protest at the time, according to Sankei Shimbun, a daily newspaper in Japan.

Kawamura told the Nanjing delegation headed by Liu, "The casualties in the war were normal. China shouldn't falsely claim that 300,000 people were dead in Nanjing in 1937."

Liu showed no anger and just responded: "Nanjing people adore peace. We learn the history to safeguard the peace," according to Sankei Shimbun.

Both Kawamura's statement and Liu's reaction have triggered wide outrage among the Chinese public. A microblogger identified as Chen Zhangpei wrote on "The facts won't be wiped off. Kawamura Takashi deserves a death sentence!"

A netizen identified as "Hainan Huang Haixing" said: "Liu, you are such an idiot! When the guilty mayor denied the tragedy, how dare you to keep smiling and try to smooth it over? You are a traitor to China!"

Another netizen, Zhang Haiying, said: "You are so numb! You shamed the whole nation!"

Kawamura's denial ruffled survivors of the war as well.

"I cannot understand why some people like to distort the truth. I forgive the invasion, but it does not mean history should be denied," said Xiao Shuqin, an 84-year-old woman who witnessed Japanese invaders kill seven members of her family.


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Jack Smith, USA at 2012-02-2824.26.135.*
The U.S let us all down when it failed to finish off the Jap scum when it had them on their knees in "45. this Jap Mayor"s statements show there is something definitely wrong with the Jap people. Jack Smith, USa

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