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Anxin wood flooring pulled off shelves after quality accusation


09:02, February 22, 2012

SHANGHAI, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- Anxin-branded wood flooring products have been pulled off shelves in several stores after netizens claimed that the flooring was produced using substandard materials.

A manager at a Shanghai outlet of B&Q, Europe's largest home improvement retailer, said Tuesday that wood flooring made by A&W (Shanghai) Woods Co. has been temporarily pulled off shelves at all B&Q stores in China pending the release of quality test results.

Some property developers have temporarily stopped using Anxin-branded wood flooring for new construction projects and have launched their own quality checks.

Real estate developer Shanghai Greenland Group, which used the Anxin-branded wood flooring for one of its projects, said Tuesday it has launched on-the-spot checks and will take responsibility for any defects.

Hu Ya, a spokeswoman for A&W (Shanghai) Woods Co., confirmed that the company has temporarily halted the delivery of products to real estate developers and also pulled its products off shelves in some stores pending the release of government test results.

The quality inspectors in Shanghai Tuesday took Anxin-branded wood flooring samples from four projects of major developer China Vanke for quality checkups. The results are expected in five working days.

Of the four, one residential project with 320 apartments decorated with a total of 17,000 square meters of Anxin wood flooring has been completed and handed over to home buyers.

Earlier the Shanghai quality supervision agencies have taken samples from 24 batches of wood flooring products from warehouses of A&W (Shanghai) Woods Co. for quality tests. The test results are expected later the week.

An online post published on Thursday claimed that the flooring, which China Vanke has used to decorate 10,000 homes in over 10 cities nationwide, is substandard and contains excessive levels of cancer-causing formaldehyde.

Tan Huajie, secretary for China Vanke's board of directors, said at a Monday press briefing that the company purchased and used Anxin-branded wood flooring for 29 construction projects in 16 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Yu Liang, president of China Vanke, said the wood flooring involved is worth 130 million yuan (20.7 million U.S. dollars) and that the company will take responsibility for any quality problems.

Hui Xiaowei, vice president of A&W (Shanghai) Woods Co., denied the allegation on Friday, saying at a press conference that all wood flooring sold by the company is up to national standards.


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