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Report bares unhygienic dishwashing factories

By Li Qian (Shanghai Daily)

14:28, February 21, 2012

Some underground tableware washing factories in south China's Guangdong Province have been found to wash dishes in extremely unsanitary conditions.

Workers, without having their hands cleaned or sterilized, wash the used dishes with laundry powder, dry them with electric fans and repackage them without sanitation.

Flies, cockroaches and mice surround the oily dishes while cats and dogs live in the factories, who are fed the food remains and excrete all over the place, the New Express Daily reported yesterday.

These ill-suited factories belonged to three licensed companies, Kangjie in Guangzhou City, Xinhui in Dongguan and Liang'erjie in Zhongshan, in addition to several other unlicensed firms.

Many local restaurants entrust them to do the tableware washing, but actually they "add poisons" in the process rather than clean the dishes, the report said.

In Kangjie's workshop, hundreds of dishes were piled near garbage cans, with a storm of flies buzzing around, and a plastic box for placing the tableware was the home of a cat when it is vacant.

The sanitary condition in Xinhui's workshop was worse. Oil stains covered the floor of the 300-square-meter workplace while plastic bags and waste water filled the drainage pipes, the report said.

Dishes were submerged in turbid water in a huge pool, with a stinky odor emanating amid floating food residue. "The pool is filled with detergent. We change it twice a day," the factory manager said.

A former employee of Liang'erjie surnamed Liu told the newspaper that they just threw all of the dishes into boiling water and wiped the residue away. "We fool the restaurant owners into believing that all the dishes are sterilized under high temperature approaching 380 degrees Celsius. Actually, we never use the sanitation machines."


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