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Security rules to require opening of parcels

By Yang Jian (Shanghai Daily)

09:56, February 21, 2012

The city's major courier firms have begun ordering their delivery personnel to examine the contents of parcels they receive from customers more often as a prelude to a new rule to be carried out starting May 1 by the State Post Bureau of China.

Couriers of the YTO Express and Yunda Express delivery firms have begun asking customers to open their parcels or declare what is inside, officials of the companies said yesterday.

"The company has authorized the couriers to refuse to take the parcels if the customers refuse to open them," an official with the YTO Express said.

He said the company also began asking the customers to use a common wrapping that the company can provide upon picking up the package. This way the customers can open the parcels for inspection before they are wrapped.

Customers must open the parcels if they send things from hotels or from other temporary addresses, said an official with Yunda Express.

Couriers will have the right to refuse to deliver parcels if customers refuse to open them, according to the Courier Service Rule from the State Post Bureau of China.

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