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Subway 'late pass' for delayed workers


15:46, February 20, 2012

Feel frustrated at being late for work all because of the bad traffic? Don't worry as you can now get a witness.

Subway lines in the Shanghai municipality and Guangzhou will hand out "late cards" to commuters affected by train delays and other traffic reasons so they can get exemption from punishment by employers such us wage deduction, Beijing Morning Post reported.

The testimony for "unintentional lateness" has generated a wave of support among office workers in Beijing who suffer from the unfair punishment from their bosses. Micro-bloggers have also been complaining online that traffic is the main cause for the late swipe of their ID cards at work.

In contrast, a two-hour suspension on subway No.1 line of Guangzhou on Feb 15 because of rail diversion did not worry commuters as they handed the "late card" to their bosses.

The dated cards carry words of apology.

The Beijing subway authority is reported to be mulling a proposal to intimate the service.


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