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100,000 yuan is no dead end job


14:13, February 20, 2012

A graveyard is offering five young females the chance to work as funeral attendant for 100,000 yuan ($15,886) a year, Wuhan Evening News reports.

The ideal applicants for the highly-paid job should be "dignified" females, younger than 25, but taller than 1.65 cm, with a bachelor’s degree and fluent in mandarin. Their role will be to gently console relatives and friends of those who have died.

Luxury accommodation is offered for the right candidates as well as the opportunity to study at home and abroad.

The Internet advertisement says the positions starts from Feb 20. Eligible candidates will have to attend a ten-day training session before the final interview.

It is claimed the graveyard is the best and the biggest one in Central and East China, covering 106.7 hectares.


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helen at 2012-02-20141.0.9.*
China has about 10 million deaths a year (correct me?) and if these are to be buried with coffins, how many trees need to be felled and how much valuable lands need to be sacrificed to accommodate these fancies? Cremation remains the top priority and local government should stop this rubbish!

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