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Youth smoking trend prompts action by city

By Zheng Xin and Cao Yin (China Daily)

08:16, February 20, 2012

BEIJING - Beijing will draft new city regulations strengthening enforcement of an existing smoking ban, at a time when new statistics are showing a high inclination among teens to try tobacco.

Public health experts say that Beijing's current smoking ban lacks teeth due to poor enforcement.

"The ban on smoking in public places issued by the Ministry of Health in May has barely had any effect because there are no specific penalties for people who smoke and violate the ban," said Suo Chao, speaking for the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control, which recently conducted a survey on smoking of about 40,000 students across China.

According to the association's survey, 15.8 percent of the high school students smoke habitually, and 22.5 percent would consider trying it.

Teenagers between 12 and 14 are especially vulnerable. More than 26 percent of them are willing to try, Suo said.

It is important to manage the types of influences they are exposed to, said Huang Jiefu, deputy minister of health, during the launch of a smoke-free school pilot project in Beijing on Thursday

"It's urgent for us to take some measures to provide them with a smoke-free environment and free them from tobacco," Huang said.

The earlier people pick up smoking, the less likely they are to quit smoking in the future, and minors, who have a poor sense of self-control, are more likely to be tempted by cigarettes than adults, Huang said.

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sr at 2012-03-2994.201.228.*
The only serious way to decrease smoking in China is to tell every civil servant in China including those working for SOE"s that they will be fired if they smoke. They have 3 months to quit. If they are caught smoking they will be fined 1/4 their salary the first time and then fired and must re-apply for their jobs the second time caught.
caihuanqing at 2012-02-2060.179.237.*
smoke is with the teenagers not to the health please not smoke

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