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Bad boy Chen rides again

By Yan Shuang (Global Times)

16:54, February 17, 2012

A Beijing-based automobile rental company announced online yesterday its decision to use Edison Chen, a controversial Hong Kong-based Canadian singer-actor to be its product spokesman.

Chen will be representing the "leisure products" of China Auto Rental (CAR), said the company on their official Sina microblog yesterday.

"We hope to popularize the 'green commuting and new automobile consumption' concept that lies in car rental by having celebrity ambassadors, and hopefully more people will know about it and give it a try," said the company in the online statement.

Chen, 32, was at the center of a scandal that gripped the nation in 2008, when explicit nude photos featuring him and several female stars were leaked online. He apologized at a press conference in February 2008, saying he would quit the entertainment industry, but made a career comeback in October 2010.

The company announced Chen will represent their short-term car rental service, and another Chinese actor, Zhang Fengyi, is representing its long-term rental service.

Criticism was overwhelming, as Web users said it was a stupid decision since Chen would bring nothing but shame to CAR's public image. Some people joked choosing Chen is to remind the public that their vehicles are perfect to have sex in, as CAR reposted a Weibo entry from condom maker Durex about different ways to have flings in cars Wednesday.

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