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Shanghai to release PM2.5 data in June

(People's Daily)

16:32, February 17, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Ant official from the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau said Shanghai plans to release the PM2.5 monitoring data in June 2012 and will adopt various measures to control the particles in the air.

Currently, Shanghai has applied to the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China for joining the first batch of cities that monitor and release the PM2.5 data. It is busy doing various preparation works for the PM2.5 monitoring.

According to sources, Shanghai established its first PM2.5 monitoring station 10 years ago and launched the multi-point and successive monitoring in 2005. So far, 24 around-the-clock monitoring stations have been established in Shanghai.

According to new environmental and air quality standards, Shanghai's high-quality air rate will decrease by between 10 and 15 percentage points. The mayor of Shanghai Han Zheng said, “We must face it scientifically, monitor and release it as soon as possible, and release true and scientific data that accord with residents' feeling on the environment.”

Shanghai has listed more than 50 treatment items connecting with the PM2.5, including strengthening the treatment on the car exhaust and dust, controlling the dust from coal burning, accelerating the elimination of the backward production capacity, and the strengthening the management on straw burning.


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