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Not in my backyard

By Xuyang Jingjing (Global Times)

08:46, February 17, 2012

An inter-provincial squabble over a nuclear power plant being built near the southern bank of the Yangtze River, and not far from the shores of Taibo Lake in Jiangxi Province, has raised questions about China's ambitious expansion of its nuclear power program.

While Anhui Province appears to be the environmentally progressive opponent of the Jiangxi nuclear plant, it too has plans to build four of its own nuclear power plants.

The debate, which has included some mudslinging by both provinces, has experts outside the region suggesting neither province should build nuclear reactors.

Just two years ago China announced an ambitious plan to up the percentage of electricity supplied by nuclear power to 5 percent of total power by 2020. This would see the country's nuclear generating capacity increase more than seven times to over 80 gigawatts.

The plant in the center of the brewing controversy is located in Pengze county in Jiangxi. Across the river the government of Wangjiang county in Anhui wants the project shelved, saying they don't want the nuke plant so close to their backyard.

A report submitted by Wangjiang officials accuses its neighbor of lying about the population density in the area. They claim more than 150,000 people from Wangjiang alone live within a 10-kilometer radius of the plant. State regulations require that no more than 100,000 people should be living within a 10-kilometer radius of a planned nuclear power plant.

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