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Railway construction getting back on track

By Xin Dingding (China Daily)

08:16, February 17, 2012

Construction of China's high-speed railways, halted due to funding shortages, will resume this year, the government says. (China Daily / Chen Zhuo)

Projects halted due to funding shortage will resume this year

BEIJING - With 3,500 kilometers of new high-speed railways expected to be put into use this year, the length of China's high-speed railways will exceed 10,000 kilometers, a senior railway official said.

Insiders said the construction of high-speed railways, which was halted due to funding shortage, will resume this year.

Yang Zhongmin, director of the planning department of the Ministry of Railways, said that all four of the planned North-South rail arteries for China's high-speed rail system will be complete, according to People's Daily on Thursday.

One of the four arteries, the Beijing-Shanghai line, opened in June. The others will connect Beijing and Guangzhou in South China, Beijing and Harbin in Northeast China, and cities on the southeast coast with high-speed railways.

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PD User at 2012-02-17202.106.84.*
I"m proud of chinese significant development,everybody will spend less time on the way,more and moer people will choose high-speed raiway instead of plane and car,becaue of high-speed railways,China become smaller day after day.
guo chong at 2012-02-17221.197.158.*
if the project meet the market"needs ,we hope this project is fit for the economical development.

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