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The hard way home in Beijing

(People's Daily Online)

11:27, February 16, 2012

Passengers fight to board bus through windows (Source: People’s Daily Online)

Recently, a group of photos featuring some passengers climbing through the windows in order to get on a bus were reposted more than one thousand times within hours on Weibo.

The photos were taken at around 17:30 on Monday, near Beijing’s World Trade Center, when a huge crowd of people gathered in front of the door of a No. 815 bus.

For Mr. Sun, a man who works in the adjacent area, it was not a surprising scene. "Dawanglu is crowded with vehicles and people everyday around this time," Sun said. “Many people live in the suburb. They have no choices. Hopefully, the transportation department may step in to solve this kind of issue.”

According to a traffic policeman, Dawanglu is crowded with vehicles and people everyday around this time.

The Beijing Bus Group explained yesterday that the road congestion on Monday was caused by the temporary traffic control and traffic accident, and the chaotic scene of passengers climbing through the windows is quite uncommon.

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CK at 2012-02-17124.13.183.*
What a butt.... ops! two things crossed my mind upon seeing this picture. 1) This man lossed his patirnce and worried thta he could not get back to his work station in time. 2) There are many other Chinese who still behave like him, what the heck I do it my way.Many times I had criticised on many Chinese crowd misbehaviour or ill mannerism. It have to start from the school, as I know the Chinese family now pampered their children so much that makes the younger generation do not understand group behaviour etiquette and conformity to the rules of mutual benifits and respect in crowded stiuation. Just see how the Japanese behave during the post tsunami devastation last year when they queue up to take food and drink ration, they were so disciplined and respect others" right and gain so much respect by every TV watchers all over the world after seeing how the control their fear and sorrow and still can keep their emotion in line of the best mannerism. So Chinese should learn from this. stay put.
lovingchina at 2012-02-17183.39.99.*
This is a real disgrace to Beijing which should have set a permanent model of a wealthy China while VP Xi is in the USA talking and visiting! Even a policeman could confirm such a scene which is still common; how come, Beijing, at a time when "hongkongers" are so despiteful of mainlanders lately? Certainly, this can be sorted and rooted out permanently if traffic police and security bureaus work smarter and harder; but it seems so sloppy!
ming at 2012-02-1658.9.117.*
It is not a good pictures to see Chinese people fighting to board onto the buses. Chinese should be more civilised...queue up and let Children and Women and disable persons board the buses first.Should not fighting like these pictures. Bus inspector or manager should step in and solve this over crowd and congestion quickly.

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