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Naked and corrupt

By Zhang Zhilong (Global Times)

08:21, February 16, 2012

Anti-corruption officers are on heightened lookout for officials who implement a conniving and devious scheme to get their families abroad before they too flee with their ill-begotten gains already safely stashed in overseas banks.

Their modus operandi involves cunning, timing and a good amount of luck.

It starts when corrupt officials realize they are in too deep and are bound to be caught someday. Many have embezzled millions upon millions - too much to spend in China or to get away with. The first step might be to send a son or daughter to study overseas. A spouse soon follows and opens a bank account, or several. Transfers are made and properties in China are sold or registered in a relative's name.

With their escape plan ready to hatch at anytime the official continues in their job, raking in bribes and embezzling as much as they can. At the last moment, perhaps even after an investigation into their corrupt practices has begun, the official simply pockets a fake passport, walks out the door of their home, drives to the airport and leaves China for good, oftentimes getting off scot-free.

These rogues in government have become the latest target that commentators, and the public, love to hate. With a wife or husband and children overseas, little money in the bank here and no home of their own, the often high-flying thieves of the public purse have earned the euphemistic nickname "naked official."

Zhou Peng'an, a member of China Democratic League, one of China's Non-Communist Parties and a popular blogger, asked "How many corrupt officials are naked?" in July 2008.

The answer to Zhou's question varies widely.

Lin Zhe, a well-known anti-corruption expert, speaking angrily at last year's legislative session, estimated that almost 1.2 million officials went naked between 1995 and 2005.

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