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Chinese couples rush to wed on Valentine's Day


16:43, February 15, 2012

DALIAN, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- Young lovers in China rushed to tie the knot on Tuesday in celebration of Valentine's Day.

Outside a marriage registration office in the Ganjingzi district of Dalian, Liaoning province, a long queue of unmarried couples formed, eager to receive their marriage certificates.

"It is such a joy to get married on Valentine's Day. I believe it will bring happiness to our marriage," said Han Xue, a bride-to-be that lined up with her future husband outside the office at 5 a.m.

"More than 200 couples, including those who have rushed to enter the queue since midnight, have booked marriage registration appointments up to 10 a.m.," said Sun Ying, chief of the marriage registration office.

Meanwhile, similar scenes could be witnessed in other cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing.

A total of 950 couples-to-be in Shanghai had made appointments by 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, and all of the reservation slots available online had been booked, according to the city's civil affairs bureau.

Zhou Jixiang, chief of the bureau's marriage registration office, said the number surpassed that of last year, and the city is likely to see a record high of over 3,000 couples getting married, as many more will go to the offices without making reservations.

"In the Year of Dragon, a legendary Chinese zodiac animal that is considered a sign of divine blessing with fortune and dynamism, more lovers are eager to tie the knot," Zhou said.

Statistics from marriage registration offices in Beijing showed that an estimated 2,100 couples booked appointments to register their marriages, and the total number is expected to exceed 4,000.

Chinese people have a tradition of choosing "lucky number" days to marry, but Sun considers this of little significance. "It is meaningful for them to pick a special day, but for those who are willing to step into family life, any day is a good day."


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Inez Deborah Emilia Alta at 2012-03-0787.103.67.*
I am hoping some of the wealthiest Chinese couples might be prepared to contribute to save the line which is in imminent risk of disappearing in Nei Mengu Zhizhiqu or it is Nei Monggol Zhizhiqu which probably is of the soldiers of the Middle Ages which otherwise would mean that the DNA which still in the 20th century showed unusual capacity for loyalty, steadfastness and courage would be permanently to lost to the people, and all humanity, possibly surrogate maternity for old women as exists in India and IVF techniques would succeed in this. I hope this is of course is legal.

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