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Guangzhou becomes happiest city in Guangdong

By Li Gang (People's Daily)

16:23, February 15, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

Guangdong Provincial Statistics Bureau for the first time released the 2010 Report on Comprehensive Appraisal of Constructing Happy Guangdong, the first report on happiness index.

In the report, within the Pearl River Delta region, Guangzhou city ranks first with an index of 83.79; Dongguan takes the second place, Zhuhai the third and Shenzhen the fourth.

The results of the report on happiness index are quite unexpected for many people. For instance, Shenzhen, ranking first in terms of GDP per capita, only takes the fourth place in the Pearl River Delta region. And the ranking of happiness index of other prefecture-level cities is basically different from that of GDP per capita.

Guangdong Provincial Statistics Bureau said that Shenzhen has lower-ranking development index due to its social development falling behind economic development. Although Shenzhen boasts first provincial ranking of per capita GDP, indicators such as proportion of employees’ payments in GDP, public areas for cultural facilities per 10,000 persons all lagged behind the average level of the whole province.

On the contrary, Zhuhai’s ranking rose four places in 2010 compared with that of 2009, taking the third place of the Pearl River Delta region. The main reason is that in Zhuhai, the frequency of participating in cultural activities per capita and the improvement of water quality in 2010 is about 200 percent, thus its development index rose to the first place from the fifth of last year.


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