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Xinjiang police seize two tonnes of drugs in 2011


14:37, February 15, 2012

URUMQI, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- Police authorities in China's western Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Tuesday said they seized over two tonnes of drugs last year.

Zhu Changjie, vice regional governor and also deputy chief of the region's drug control committee, said local police seized 660 kg of heroin, 19 kg of crystal meth, 1,560 kg of marijuana and 24,000 crystal meth tablets in 2011.

Local authorities also had helped drug users quit their drug addiction, Zhu told a drug control conference held in the regional capital Urumqi.

Last year, over 2,800 drug users were put into forced isolation treatment centers and 1,800 more were offered community-based drug rehabilitation programs, he said.

The chief of the region's drug control committee, Xiong Xuanguo, however, said local police still faced many difficulties and would step up the crackdown on traditional as well as new drugs.

The drugs trafficked from the Golden Triangle and Golden New Moon regions were on rise and the crackdown aimed to block them from entering the country's western border region, Xiong said.

The Golden Triangle, the border area between Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, and the Golden New Moon, the long border region between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, are notorious worldwide for drugs production and trafficking.

The regional government will also boost spending on rehabilitation programs and even help the drug users find jobs after they overcome their addiction, Xiong added.


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