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Xi'an English skills drive

By Dong Zhen (China Daily)

08:52, February 15, 2012

OFFICIALS in Xi'an, home of China's famous terracotta warriors, have launched a drive to improve English skills among workers who deal with tourists.

They hope this will make the ancient city in west China's Shaanxi Province more user-friendly for foreign visitors.

Xi'an has launched a three-year campaign through training and the help of English-major volunteers, local media reported yesterday.

Targeted groups include all police officers and government office staff aged under 40 and service industry workers.

Officials aim that by 2015, all public servants now under 40 and 80 percent of police officers will have at least a basic command of English.

It is also planned that half of restaurant staff will be able to communicate fluently in English by then and 80 percent of younger cabbies and other service sector workers should have a basic grasp of the language.

Xi'an is also introducing multi-language hotlines.

With a history stretching back 3,100 years, Xi'an's rich heritage attracts large numbers of tourists.


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