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Falsehearted Valintine's Day

By Mo Ting (Global Times)

08:44, February 14, 2012

Photo from Global Times

Propelled by various business interests, the celebration of Valentine's Day has been in the spotlight every year around this time across China, just as in many other countries. Yet many people feel uncomfortable on this day, and some are taking action to voice their protest.

Zhang Yixin, a 24-year-old single independent movie maker, who lives in Changchun, Jilin Province, is planning on going to a singles' party, held at one of the most popular places in the city, where participants are required to wear shirts with the words "Couples Go To Hell" printed on them.

"We will hang out in a group around couples who are celebrating Valentine's Day," Zhang said. "This is our way of celebrating the day and of venting our feelings, as without it we singles may be left depressed."

The shirts Zhang and his friends plan to wear on Valentine's Day is the symbol of the "Couples Go To Hell" movement, which originated in Japan and was introduced to the Chinese mainland via Taiwan five years ago.

The aim of such groups is to play tricks on couples on the most important days of the year, such as Valentine's Day, the traditional Chinese lovers' day on the seventh of the seventh lunar month, as well as on November 11, the Chinese singles' day.

Rather than being saddened by his single status, Zhang said he is really enjoying it.

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