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All the single men

By Vera Penêda (Global Times)

11:19, February 13, 2012

As couples across the country prepare to celebrate their love tomorrow for Valentine's Day, many Chinese men are bracing for the day as a grim reminder of their dwindling chances to get a date and settle down with a wife. China's gender imbalance, a direct consequence of the country's one-child policy and favoritism of sons, has been deepening since the 1970s.

Discussion of the topic intensified on microblogging website Weibo a couple of weeks ago, when thousands of bachelors re-posted the viral tagline that "a wife has become a luxury good." It comes amid predictions the bachelor crisis will worsen this year, with estimations the number of single men in China will swell by 10 million. The long-term outlook appears equally pessimistic, with 24 million men likely to find themselves unable to find women to marry by 2020, according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

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GAM at 2012-02-15109.238.72.*
Gay men don"t want a wife. Why force us?

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