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Beijing’s street kids to be DNA tested

By Li Ying (Global Times)

14:17, February 10, 2012

Beijing has started a campaign aimed at returning child beggars home with the aim of eradicating child street beggars by the end of 2012, Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau announced Wednesday.

The bureau will also take DNA samples to log them into a database to see if they are victims of child trafficking.

The campaign was jointly launched by a number of government agencies including public security and commission of education bureaus. It aims not only to send child beggars to their home, but will also assist them in getting back into the education system, and with career training, according to the announcement.

In the campaign, DNA samples will be taken to help any unidentified children find their parents.

From March 1, the joint team will take any child beggars whose identity is unclear to homeless rescue centers, where their DNA information will be gathered through a blood sample, said a source who is familiar with the issue at the civil affairs bureau.

A child's DNA information will be put into DNA information bank which is dedicated to matching the DNA of trafficked children and their parents. The parents of missing children would have had to previously register with their local public security department and have given a DNA sample, the source explained. If there are any matches, the children will be sent back to their parents.

The DNA bank was established by the Ministry of Public Security in April 2009. By September 2011, 1,400 children had been reunited with their parents through the bank, according to a report in the Beijing News.

Meanwhile, the campaign also requires civil affairs departments in the city to help children who possess a Beijing hukou (resident's permit) to receive education or career training so as to prevent them from leaving home and begging again. Children from other cities will be sent back to their hometown, where they will be sent to local homeless rescue centers. Those who cannot be identified, or repatriated to a hometown will stay in Beijing.

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ASEAN at 2012-02-10220.255.2.*
I understand that gangs are involved in the kidnapping of children and they are then forced to beg in the streets. All the money collected are taken away by the gangs. It is time the Chinese authority eliminate this activities by the gangsters. Hang them ! No mercy on these rascals !

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