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Tibet officials 'prepare for war'

By Yang Jingjie (Global Times)

08:58, February 10, 2012

Officials in the Tibet Autonomous Region have been ordered to recognize the "grave situation" in maintaining stability and to ready themselves for "a war against secessionist sabotage," months before a major plenary session of the Communist Party of China.

The fight against the Dalai Lama clique is a "long-term, complicated and sometimes even acute" one, Chen Quanguo, regional Party chief of Tibet, was quoted by the Tibet Daily Thursday as saying.

"For those irresponsible officials who walk away from their duties, fail to implement policies or are found guilty of dereliction of duty in maintaining stability, they shall be immediately removed from their posts, pending punishment, regardless of how great the contributions they made in the past or what kind of position they held," Chen warned in a strongly worded speech.

Chen asked local officials to "improve the precautionary and emergency management mechanism," and ensure the government's ability to immediately and resolutely handle any emergency.

"We should make every effort to win the tough battle to maintain stability, and seize the initiative in our fight against separatism," Chen said.

Xu Zhitao, an official with the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, told the Global Times Thursday that "secessionists led by the Dalai Lama appeared more determined to plot conspiracies this year."

The Dalai Lama clique had claimed that they might carry out some schemes to wreck the upcoming Tibetan New Year, which falls on February 22 this year, according to Xu.

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PD User at 2012-02-10202.126.216.*
The government ought to distinguish separatists sponsored by foreign governments or people who want to voice their grievances of oppressed people. For the former, the government ought to suppress without grace. For the latter, the government ought to uphold fair and justice by looking into the problem. Forbidding and criminalizing local officials from abusing their power is most important. We do not only need to defend the country from foreign sabortage, defending sabortage from within, precisely, corruption and abuse of power by government and party officials are even more important. Fair and justice is the only way to discourage people from being manipulated by foreign government. The US is a dying lion, its fight back must be very fierce. The US comes to power after two world wars. The US is trying to revive the same old international order of the 20st century so as to create another American century. China must not fall into the trap and go to war with the US. Against the hard military power and "human rights offensive" of the US, China has to counter with soft power and human security.
PD User at 2012-02-10202.126.216.*
"The key to US military empire building follows two principles: direct military invasions and fomenting separatist movements, which can lead to military confrontation...Clearly US military intervention promotes separatism as a means of establishing a regional ‘base of support’. Separatism facilitates setting up a minority puppet regime and works to counter neighboring countries opposed to the depredations of empire. In the case of Iraq , US-backed Kurdish separatism preceded the imperial campaign to isolate an adversary, create international coalitions to pressure and weaken the central government. Washington highlights regime atrocities as human rights cases to feed global propaganda campaigns. More recently this is evident in the US-financed ‘Tibetan’ theocratic protests at China..." This is cited from Prof. James Petra"s article "Separatism and Empire Building in the 21st Century. Prof. Petra"s article is hyperlinked for sharing: learn more critical and inspiring perspectives of Prof. Jame Petra, we can also visit his personal website: message ought to be disseminated far and wide so as to free the many innocent people"s mind which has been brainwashed for the whole 20th century.
helen at 2012-02-10203.82.82.*
Since Obama and his Secretary of State intensified US containment and encirclement of China, CIA and US State Department infiltration, funding and training of terrorists to create ethnic and religious chaos in China are the order of the day. A tough and merciless clampdown on those US trained terrorists is the way to deal with US Global terrorism.Year 2012 must not see Chinese leaders and Chinese media entertaining talks and discussions on the internal affairs of China with US and other Western leaders. This must be the new policy to deter further mischiefs from the United States. Any relaxation will only invite troubles and further interferences .....Hopefully new Chinese leader in 2012 will not give the impression that China is still under the Qing Dynasty and the humiliating consequences that will inevitably ensue.The Chinese people will not tolerate any subservience and subordination of Chinese interests to the on-going agenda of US Global Tyranny!
lobsang at 2012-02-10221.127.47.*
There is only one absolute truth. All separatist activities MUST be smashed ruthlessly. That is only truth they understand, and which has begun to dawn on the people in charge.

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