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Heavy snow disrupts traffic on China-Nepal Highway


08:49, February 10, 2012

LHASA, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -- Heavy snow halted traffic on a section of the China-Nepal Highway, which links southwest China's Tibet autonomous region and Nepal, on Thursday, according to traffic authorities.

The section of road, which connects Nyalam county and Zhangmu township and is located on the border of the two countries, was blanketed with up to two meters of snow, said Zhao Chun, who is in charge of road maintenance work in Nyalam county.

It will take five days for workers to clear away the deep snow and resume traffic on the road, Zhao said, adding that clean-up efforts have been impeded by gales and low temperatures.

A snowstorm hit the county early on Wednesday, bringing gales with speeds of up to 38 meters per second, said Dorji, director of the county's meteorological bureau.

Snow continued to fall in the county on Thursday, and is expected to lead to a temperature drop of 10 degrees Celsius, according to a forecast issued by regional weather authorities.

On Wednesday, police rescued 40 passengers trapped in four vehicles on a snow-covered section of a national highway in Zhongba county in Tibet's Ngari prefecture.


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