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Wukan's democracy

By Lin Meilian (Global Times)

16:59, February 09, 2012

Villagers check the name list on January 31, the day before an election to pick an 11-person panel to supervise the village committee election to be held on March 1. Photo: Lin Meilian/GT

Wukan, a fishing village in Guangdong, known for last year's three-month long protests against local authorities over land disputes and other issues, is now scheduled to select 100 villager representatives on Saturday and a new village committee on March 1.

Villagers voted on February 1 for 11 out of 35 candidates to form the panel that will be responsible for supervising and organizing a village committee election, a move that is praised by some as being "the first independent election" in China, yet some Chinese observers have said the Wukan elections are far from being a turning point for the country's grassroots-level election system.

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