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Bouncing yolk leads to tests on stores' eggs

By Xu Jingxi (China Daily)

13:12, February 09, 2012

GUANGZHOU - Local government has urged inspection organizations to speed up examination of suspect fake eggs discovered in the Guangdong capital.

Almost 3,000 eggs were removed from a supermarket in the Panyu district of Guangzhou on Monday after a shopper complained the ones he had bought were fake.

Officers from the local industry and commerce bureau have sealed up the eggs in boxes and sent samples to the city branch of the provincial food quality supervision and inspection station.

The results are expected before the weekend.

"If it turns out the eggs were artificially made, the supermarket will be fined between 2,000 yuan ($317) and 50,000 yuan," said Liu Yuming, head of the food section at Panyu administration for industry and commerce.

Liu revealed that the batch of eggs that contained the suspect ones had come from two wholesale markets in the Baiyun district, Guangzhou.

Officers from Baiyun administration for industry and commerce carried out spot checks on 14 stores in the wholesale markets on Tuesday and have sent samples of the eggs in these stores to China National Analytical Center, Guangzhou.

Zou Yingqiang, head of the food inspection section at Baiyun administration for industry and commerce, added that the 14 stores had bought eggs from suppliers in Guangzhou and other provinces including Hunan, Hubei, Jilin, Liaoning and Chongqing municipality.

A local resident surnamed Guo bought the allegedly fake eggs from a supermarket called Jia De Fu on Jan 30. The next day, when his young child suffered a stomach upset after eating one of the eggs, Guo discovered that the boiled yolk was hard to chew or crumble.

According to Zhao Qiangzhong, an associate professor from the school of light industry and foods at South China University of Technology, the eggs Guo bought are likely to be fake, judging by the abnormal size and flexibility of the boiled yolk, which was like a rubber ball. The yolk is smaller than usual and it bounced on the floor three times, he claimed.

Zhao revealed that there are many ways to mix chemicals and make a bogus egg. For example, sodium alginate solution can be used to fake the egg whites and the yolk.

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