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Beijing to have a real subway network

By Li Zhiyong (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

16:17, February 08, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Four new subway lines will start operating in Beijing later this year, Beijing Subway Company’s spokesperson Jia Peng said on Feb.6.

Jia said the total length of the city’s subway lines will exceed 450 kilometers by the end of 2012, forming the real Beijing subway network.

The four new lines include Line 10 Phase II, north section of Line 9, south section of Line 8 Phase II and Line 6.

According to international practice, a city is considered to have a real subway network if the total length of its subway lines exceeds 400 kilometers.


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Tracker at 2012-02-09122.107.87.*
@Leon, if you remove the third word from your post you may find a considerable improvement in your English writing skills and you might even make some new friends. It may also help if you read the last paragraph which explains why Beijing does not have what is considered by international practice a real subway network as opposed to a "real" subway network . You are confusing real (being an actual thing or an actual existence) with real (being actually such or so-called) ;-)
Leon at 2012-02-0972.229.255.*
What a fucking dumb PR(Public Relation Journalism)----Isn"t it Beijing already have "REAL" subway system or network today? or it should spell as "Beijing is expanding its subway network"!

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