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Police nab jewelry store robber in S China


08:42, February 08, 2012

GUANGZHOU, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) -- Police in south Guangdong province have captured the man who allegedly robbed a jewelry store with a shotgun last week, police said on Tuesday.

Armed with a shotgun, the 37-year-old man surnamed Cai stormed into a jewelry store in the city of Huizhou on January 30, police said.

He smashed two glass counters and took 1,173 grams of gold jewelry, police said, adding that no one was killed or injured in the robbery.

Police caught Cai on Monday in a rented home in rural Huizhou and retrieved all the stolen jewelry.

Police traced the suspect by the blood on a motorcycle and a jacket he dumped by a lake three kilometers from the crime scene.

Police discovered that the blood matched that of a suspect in another armed robbery eight years ago in the central province of Henan, over a thousand miles from Huizhou.

Cai was a local of Henan province.


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