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ID rule to shake up Weibo

By Zhu Shanshan and Zhang Hui (Global Times)

08:25, February 08, 2012

Potential microbloggers, as well as those who already have Weibo accounts, are required to register their real identities by March 16, or face being banned from posting and forwarding messages, authorities in Beijing said Tuesday.

Making the announcement at the Beijing Weibo Development Management Regulations Seminar Tuesday, officials in charge of Internet information management said that Weibo accounts hosted by Sina, Sohu, NetEase and Tencent will be subject to the new rule.

Since December 16, Beijing has required new users to provide their identities while registering Weibo accounts.

Tong Liqiang, an official with the Beijing Internet Information Office, confirmed with the Global Times that microbloggers who fail to comply with the new rule will be banned.

Tong said starting from Tuesday, Sina has started checking the identities of its existing users, and all Beijing-based microblog service providers have added the identity verification to the registration process.

"The real-name system is welcomed by service providers and has won support from the majority of Web users. For the government, the move will promote social, economic and cultural development."

"For service providers, the real-name system will help build their credibility, and eliminate the spread of rumors and false information," Tong said.

Xia Momo, a manager in charge of press releases for Sohu's Weibo service, told the Global Times that the company has carried out a series of promotions to encourage existing users to register with their real names and identities.

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Tracker at 2012-02-08122.107.87.*
Though I use the name Tracker (my name is Peter but the world has many thousands of them, Peter is a common name) as I write this my IP address is being recorded by PD. I have a static IP address so my identity is easily traced if I was to make threatening or harmful comments or accusations but not all internet connections have static IP addresses. I don"t have a problem with this and I am a foreigner but I travel to China often so at times I come under the jurisdiction of Chinese Law which means if I was to break Chinese law and was arrested in China then apart from consular assistance from my country I am in the hands of Chinese authorities. Sometimes peoples lives, careers and reputations can be destroyed by incorrect gossip and anyone who uses the internet knows how quickly information can be spread. I view with suspicion people who are afraid to back their comments or words on the internet without some way of tracing the posts back to the author. What have they got to hide ?
helen at 2012-02-08203.82.82.*
Excellent move to reduce the likelihood of US inspired traitors and domestic criminals and subversives from making a mockery of the Chinese people. All Chinese users of the internet must be registered in their real names - be they blogs, microblogs, forums etc.Without proper control, the Chinese nation would be subverted by the evil power across the Pacific!

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