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Mailbox windfalls baffle community

By Liang Yiwen (Shanghai Daily)

14:02, February 04, 2012

Mysterious benefactors are leaving cash in the mailboxes of residents at a city community, leading to intense speculation about their identity.

Residents at the community on Yinhang Road in Yangpu District started finding windfalls - coins and notes up to 100 yuan (US$15.8) - last month and earlier this week.

Some associate it with the auspicious God of Fortune, said to come to earth early in the Chinese New Year, while others fear the unexpected cash will bring back luck.

Two female residents have handed over the money to the neighborhood community, while other householders kept the cash, neighbors said.

A resident in a neighboring community who has mental health problems is believed to be responsible for the first handouts.

Her daughter will be able to reclaim the money after a police investigation, neighborhood officials said. However, she is not thought to be responsible for the second windfall.

Community officials said they will keep money handed in for a time, and donate it to charity if no one claims it.

A resident, surnamed Yang, who received money twice and handed it over deemed it a test of her integrity.

"I receive 2,000 yuan pension every month, we don't live in poverty. I will donate the money, no matter how much I receive," said Yang.


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