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HK officials raid hideouts in crackdown on mainland moms

By Liu Linlin (Global Times)

10:48, February 04, 2012

The Hong Kong-based Apple Daily carried a controversial full page advertisement Wednesday demanding the local government stop pregnant women from the mainland from entering the special administrative region (SAR) to give birth, sparking a fierce online debate.

Hong Kong officials raided 43 residential areas suspected of providing illegal shelter to pregnant women on Thursday, the first in a series of planned measures to stem the flow of mothers from the mainland.

Two pregnant mainlanders were found in a nine-room apartment, along with a large number of baby-related products. The women, who were illegally visiting to Hong Kong, the special administrative region (SAR), were then transferred to local police, according to Hong Kong newspaper Ta Kung Po, which also reported that poorly supervised buildings near maternity hospitals are popular among mothers-to-be.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Tsang Yam-Kuen brought in several measures last month to ease the pressure on the islands, where growing numbers of women wanting their children to have the welfare benefits and easy access to visas for other countries of Hong Kong citizenship have strained local resources and public nerves. Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily carried a controversial full-page advertisement Wednesday, demanding the local government to halt the flow of pregnant women.

Hong Kong will also tighten its border checkpoints, with a special focus on such women. Those found to be illegally staying in Hong Kong will be sent back to the mainland, while receiving medical assistance. Meanwhile, local healthcare authorities will reconsider whether to charge fees for non-local women who give birth in emergency rooms.

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PD User at 2012-02-0476.124.224.*
Why don"t the Mainland do this.As the Mainland mothers stop "flowing" into Hong Kong so is Mainland"s money.We will see whose economy will collapse then and only then we will see who will beg for employment.Let"s do that for a try.

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