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Swindled in Sanya

By Wen Ya (Global Times)

13:39, February 02, 2012

The drama over a nationwide complaint campaign over excessive pricing in the tourist city of Sanya, Hainan Province, has seen a new twist.

After first denying that there were any formal complaints filed against possible fraud at a Sanya restaurant, local authorities on Tuesday promised to deal with this issue but said no transaction records were found.

Yesterday they went a step further, with Jiang Sixian, deputy governor of Hainan and Party secretary of Sanya, apologizing to the public for possible "rip-offs" of tourists for some food and transport services among others.

"We'll see this incident as a chance to rebuild Sanya as a quality tourist resort while strengthening market supervision," he told the media.

Shopping centers and seafood restaurants have signed contracts with regulators, making commitments to temporarily close their businesses if it is exposed by the media they have allegedly ripped off tourists, the government said.

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Dave from Canada at 2012-02-03184.66.11.*
I have been to Hainan Isalnd and Sanya 2 years ago. Before I read this report, I have been recomending to my friends in Canada to visit Hainan Island. Now I am not so sure because no body wants to be rip-off by greedy tourist operators. Hainan is destroying its own reputation if it keeps going like this.

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