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Villagers go to poll for new committee

By Qiu Quanlin (China Daily)

08:58, February 02, 2012

WUKAN, Guangdong - Residents in the southern village of Wukan - which has made headlines recently for protests regarding illegal land use and corruption of village officials - voted on Wednesday for an independent election committee after provincial authorities declared the election of the former village committee to be invalid.
The independent election committee will supervise upcoming rounds of voting for villagers' representatives and an election for new village leaders.

Eleven villagers who will make up the election committee will not be permitted to run for the upcoming village committee, Xinhua News Agency said.

"The voting this time is to ensure fairness in the coming village committee election," said Lin Zhulian, newly appointed Party head of Wukan village.

Residents are expected to vote for the new village committee on March 1, Lin said.

To date, some 6,200 valid votes have been collected from seven village groups, which are under administration of Wukan village.

About 7,400 residents of a population of 11,000 were qualified for voting by Wednesday.

"We are so excited to participate in the voting. We still have dreams that this time the voting will help result in a real leadership of our village," said Zhang Jianxing, a 28-year-old Wukan resident.

"We need a village committee that can represent the interests of villagers and help the timely handling of our appeals."

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