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Mainlanders furious at HK newspaper ad

By Yang Jinghao (Global Times)

08:47, February 02, 2012

The Hong Kong-based Apple Daily carried a controversial full page advertisement Wednesday demanding the local government stop pregnant women from the mainland from entering the special administrative region (SAR) to give birth, sparking a fierce online debate.

The incident came amid several disputes between people in the two areas, which reflected growing mainland phobia in the SAR and continuous debate on national identity.

The ad features a huge locust over Hong Kong's skyline with a headline saying, "Do you want Hong Kong to pay $1,000,000 every 18 minutes to raise babies whose parents are not permanent residents here?"

"Hongkongers have had enough!" the ad claimed, adding that people there have tolerated mainlanders' craze for "safe baby formula, self-guided tours and advanced educational resources," among other things.

"Please respect local culture when you come to Hong Kong," it said, demanding the local government amend laws to block mainland pregnant women from flooding in.

Online group Golden Forum funded the page-11 ad with donations from users of its Internet chat service.

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ed at 2012-02-06203.112.82.*
This is a classic example of how provocative news can be at times. People tend to jump immediately into it with high emotion, without chewing the actual details and cause of the matter. What I also don"t understand is people refers to British colony all the time. I think this is common sense that when you visit another place (be it any China city), you should respect and act according to local rules and laws, instead of asking the locals to adjust to your own rules and start a war when the locals ask you to do just that.
Sam Teng at 2012-02-04175.139.83.*
Unfortunately there are still some people in Hong Kong who behave like their colonial master. The ad theu put up in the Hong Kong newspaper spiteful, disrespectful and a humiliation to the mainland Chinese. What kind of mentality us this and what are they trying to prove? Is there no better way to solve an issue other than placing this ad and hurt the feelings of fellow Chinese? Shame on you.
dave om Canada at 2012-02-03184.66.11.*
The attitude of some Chinese in Hong Kong are the legacy of British colonialsim. Chinese leader Deng was right when China agreed that "one country 2 systems " for 50 years after Hong kong"s return. That will give time to help to remove the ideological remnants of British colonialism.
Tracker at 2012-02-03122.107.87.*
Hong Kong needs to understand the British Colony is now OVER, GONE, DUSTED and BURIED. Hong Kong is very much a part of China and very much Chinese so even though I am not Chinese I find the comment that people should respect local culture when you come to Hong Kong offensive. Of course you should respect CHINESE culture (and laws) when you go to China.
PD User at 2012-02-0260.53.50.*
The culprits are none other than the leadership that rewards policies calculated to differentiate Hongkongers from the motherland. The central government has also allowed continuous propaganda movies and TV series that glorify British rule in Hongkong - one movie supposedly about the Guangzhou people"s struggle against the Japanese even had actors/actresses saying "Victory" in English AND using the "V" sign with the thumb and forefinger like Sir Winston Churchill which totally was ahistorical, as the vast majority of the Chinese people from the mainland and ALL over the world simply despised the British during the period leading to WW2 (and most couldn"t speak or understand English). In the TV series "Noble House" Pierce Brosnan said that instead of Hongkong being absorbed by the motherland, the future would see the "Hongkongization" of China. This was the British intention and they have succeeded mostly because of collusion by two kinds of Chinese in post-Mao China: stupid, ignorant ones and traitors entrenched in China"s institutions.

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