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Integrity system to target Net dishonesty

By Zhou Wenting (China Daily)

08:25, February 02, 2012

SHANGHAI - Internet users in the municipality with a history of online dishonesty may be barred from certain business activities in real life, a senior official from Shanghai said on Wednesday.
"Those who lied or cheated during online transactions or other online activities may not be eligible to apply for mortgage loans and credit cards," said Zhang Xuebing, chief of the Shanghai municipal public security bureau.

The new rule by the city authorities is a preparatory step for the gradual establishment of credit archives that catalogue Internet users in the municipality. He said the measures send a clear message that "dishonesty online will lead to restrictions in all fields".

The municipal government agencies launched, a credit investigation website for those engaging in online trade, in 2009. The site is a platform to make public blacklists of illegal sites and fraudulent SMS messages, and it can be used to identify individuals behind online crimes.

The police department said the website will provide the real identities of those who appear on the blacklists to credit information collectors, so that their business activities will be rejected.

According to official statistics, around 2,500 pieces of information about illegal websites, sites containing fraudulent content and operators of such sites have been put on the blacklists as of the end of January. More than 220 illegal sites that disguised themselves as official websites from banks or security exchanges were shuttered after complaints were made, said Cao Zhongping, head of network security for the Shanghai municipal public security bureau.

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