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Chinese theater company to rate films for first time


09:07, February 01, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) -- Rating systems for movies have existed in countries like the United States and Japan for years. Chinese film audiences, however, have often been left in the dark when it comes to film content, with some parents forced to leave movies early when their children become frightened by violent adult content.

On Monday, the Beijing-based Bonastar theater company, which is part of the Bona Film Group, announced on Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese microblogging site, that it would be the first Chinese theater company to introduce a film rating system.

"The Bona theaters' rating system is coming soon. Scenes featuring sexual and violent content have been appearing in more movies, and are not appropriate for children. Theaters should be responsible for their audiences," the statement said.

It said Bonastar will refer to Hong Kong in forming its rating system and will "strive to make it simple and effective."

Directors and other film industry professionals have expressed support for the move.

"Clothing comes in both adult and children's styles, shouldn't film be the same way?" said director Li Yang in a Tuesday report by the Beijing Daily newspaper.

Zhang Chaoqia, who works in a investment management company based in south China's city of Guangzhou, said creating a clear rating system will allow audiences to make proper choices and create a healthy environment for children.

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