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Web China: Teenager falls off building, saved by neighbor


08:47, February 01, 2012

HARBIN, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) -- A teenager who fell out of the window of his 5th-floor home in the northeast province of Heilongjiang last Friday was saved by a neighbor who happened to be at the scene.

Xie Shangwei, 28, reached the falling teenager in time to break his fall, preventing him from hitting the ground at full force.

Xie, father of a seven-year-old girl, suffered slight injuries, while the teenager, 15-year-old Fu Jiawei, survived the fall with a broken wrist, a skull fracture and encephalic bleeding.

Dr. E Chunxu with the People's Hospital in Shuangcheng City said Fu's conditions were stable after treatment, thanks to Xie's attempt to cushion his fall. "It could have been fatal," he said.

Xie was allowed to go home after antibiotic treatment at the same hospital, but still walks with difficulty.

Xie has become a household name in Shuangcheng city after his heroic deed spread quickly on the web and won him widespread respect.

An Internet user who gave only his screen name as Eric said Xie's story kept him warm at heart in the bitter winter of Heilongjiang. "We thank you for passing on love and may your kindness always pay off."

Moved by his action, the city government of Shuangcheng has offered Xie 10,000 yuan (1,587 U.S. dollars) as a cash reward. His employer in Guangzhou voiced support and offered a refund of his train ticket back to his job.

In an interview with Xinhua Tuesday, Xie said the way everything had worked out was "like a dream."

"I heard cries for help and then saw a boy dangling from a window on the fifth floor. A woman was clinging desperately to his hand," said Xie.

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