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Man saves boy from high drop

By Wang Huanzhong and Tian Xuefei (China Daily)

11:16, January 31, 2012

HARBIN - Few people would dare to catch an object that weighs 55 kilograms falling from the fifth floor.

But Xie Shangwei, 29, did not hesitate to open his arms when a teenager in his neighborhood dropped from that height in Handian township, Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, on Friday.

"I was not thinking about anything, but I acted on my instinct to save his life," said Xie, who only suffered minor injuries as a result.

"Every parent in that situation would not hesitate to risk their arms," added the man, who is father to a 6-year-old girl.

The teenager Fu Jiawei's face was stained by blood after the accident. He sustained contusions to the body and vomited when being transferred to hospital.

However, doctors said Fu would be discharged from the hospital in two to three weeks despite bone fractures and cerebral bleeding that is not life-threatening.

Xie, hailed as a "hero" by local residents after the accident, had mobility difficulties because of minor injuries on his tailbone and waist.

The man works in a garment company in South China's Guangzhou city. He had returned to Harbin for Spring Festival.

Wang Lichun, a local publicity official, told China Daily the government plans to nominate Xie as a role model for Shuangcheng city, where the township was based.

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