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More Chinese younger migrant workers hope to settle in cities


08:40, January 31, 2012

QINGDAO, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- Different from their parents, who after working in cities would return home to rural China with their savings, the new generation of migrant workers often prefer to settle down in the bustling hubs where they work.

Migrant worker Zhao Bin from Pingyin county in east China's Shandong Province returned to Qingdao, a coastal city where he and his wife had worked for nine years, shortly after the Spring Festival holiday, or China's Lunar New Year, that ended on Jan. 28.

"I'm planning to settle down in this city, so I come back to work on time so that I can make more money and hopefully buy a house here in the future," the 30-year-old farmer-turned-worker said.

Zhao and his wife both work as tailors in a garment factory, Jifa Group, where they can earn about 7,000 yuan (1,100 U.S. dollars) per month.

Their company also offers them a free room. And unlike their parents' generation, they can afford to bring their child to the city for education.

"We used to quit our job at the year end and find a new one after Spring Festival. But now we feel much like those long-term employees in the company," Zhao said.

China's shrinking labor force, partly as a result of the one-child policy, has forced companies to raise salaries and offer better working conditions for migrant workers.

It is estimated that migrant workers born after 1980 account for 58.4 percent of the country's total of 145 million.

Among the young migrant workers, only 4 percent plan to return to their hometowns and work as farmers, according to a survey released by the Chinese Family Culture Research Institute (CFCRI) in December.

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Job opportunities should be improved in rural areas so that the migrants will be overwhelmed the cities by searching for work.

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