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Shining a light on the value of energy

By Liu Jie (China Daily)

14:50, January 30, 2012

Official statistics show Chinese people currently use about 107 million incandescent lamps every year. If these lights are replaced by energy-efficient ones, 48 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity will be saved. (Photo / China Daily)

BEIJING - Last summer, Beijing resident Jiang Bin successfully limited his monthly electricity bills incurred by his family of three to less than 100 yuan ($16) by using energy-efficient lamps and low-energy appliances.

Jiang is an advocate for the Live a Green Life program initiated by Royal Philips Electronics NV, a Netherlands-based company with interests in lighting, healthcare and consumer electronics.

The program was first launched in 2009 and has spread to more than 40 cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang. It aims to inspire more consumers to replace their incandescent lights with energy-saving lamps and enjoy a new low-carbon lifestyle through reducing living costs, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

As part of the program, the organizing committee launched a green life advocate selection process around the nation. It called on citizens to send everyday energy-saving tips to the committee. From March to November, the committee received more than 1 million letters and 10 advocates were selected.

"We use 15 watt (W) energy-saving lamps in our home, which has the same brightness as a 75W incandescent lamp, and our air conditioning is low-powered," said Jiang, who usually works at home. "Living a green life is not only a healthy lifestyle but also our responsibility as a member of society."

Yu Yongtao, chief marketing director of Phillips Lighting China, said energy-saving lighting is an efficient way of reducing electricity consumption in China.

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