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Shanghai tourist killed in Taiwan road accident

By Feng Jianmin (Shanghai Daily)

10:25, January 27, 2012

A TOURIST from Shanghai has died in Taiwan after a road accident, authorities confirmed yesterday.

Li Guanyi, 29, was hit by a motorcycle when he was crossing the road from a train station to a hotel in Hualien at 10pm on Tuesday, Xinhua news agency reported yesterday citing Liu Kezhi, director of the Cross-Strait Tourism Association's Taipei office.

Li was declared dead at midnight on the way to hospital despite the efforts of ambulance medics.

Doctors have initially attributed his death to intracranial bleeding but further investigation into the cause of death is under way, Xinhua said.

The motorcyclist told police he did not notice Li, who was wearing dark clothes in heavy rain and dim lighting. Officers who arrived at the scene found Li in a coma.

Li set off from Shanghai on Monday as an independent tourist after applying to the Shanghai branch of the China International Travel Service.

The agency contacted Li's relatives on Wednesday and has helped them get permission to enter Taiwan, said Feng Yiming, director of CITS Shanghai.

Li's parents and two other relatives were due to head to Taiwan today, according to the Shanghai Tourism Administration.

Li was the first independent tourist from the Chinese mainland to die in Taiwan since it opened for independent visits last June.

In October last year, a landslide hit eastern Taiwan's Suhua Highway and claimed the lives of 20 mainland tourists.

In April, a train overturned in Taiwan's Ali Mountain area, killing five tourists from the mainland and injuring more than 100 others. And in January last year, a woman on a group tour from the mainland was killed by falling rocks at a scenic spot in Hualien.


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