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A girl? a dog! -- first-aid doctors' funny but annoying experience


13:57, January 22, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- When first-aid doctors in Beijing attempted to rescue a six-year-old girl, they were surprised to find that the "girl" was actually a female pet dog. The Beijing News reported Sunday the doctors' funny but annoying experience.

The report said at 11:00 pm Friday, the 120 first-aid station in Xicheng District of Beijing received a call requesting the emergency service, "A six-year-old girl with inborn heart disease" was in critical condition.

When the ambulance arrived, doctors found that the patient turned out to be a dog. "The husband directed us to their apartment, the wife was crying to collapse," a doctor surnamed Lu said.

He said the couple asked the doctors to inject medicine to the dog, but they had never given shots to animals. The emergency medical team advised the couple to deliver the dog to a pet hospital.

"We quite understand the situation," Lu said, "but citizens should use first-aid call center 120 in the right way to save human lives."

Many pet owners see their pets as family members, nonetheless, many netizens criticized the pet-loving couple for misusing the human first-aid service after the story was spread through the tweeting cyberspace.


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